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LaRocca Fitness is a high scale, personalized Fitness Studio. We offer Semi Private Training.

We also offer One on One training, semi private classes, Nutrition Plans and much more. We pride ourselves on being exclusive, clean and friendly. 

We offer strength training, HIIT, weight loss, Olympic lifting, virtual training, athletic training and injury rehab.

Our biggest belief is that any fitness program is useless if it is not attainable in the long term. Weight that comes off is great, but weight that stays off is even better. We know that our clients need to be able to enjoy their lives and a fitness program that requires giving up your favorite things will never work.

We come up with different programs that make it easy to hit your goals while keeping a great quality of life. Our biggest sell is that all of our packages come with nutritional plans from our certified experts, a large extra charge in any other gym, totally included here at LaRocca Fitness. 

For more information or to schedule a FREE session call (718) 702- 4540 or fill out our short form.

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