There are literally thousands of programs that promise that you will lose weight and keep it off.  Does this sound realistic? Or do you think that generic, off-the shelf, programs will fail and only result in more heartbreak and frustration?

In our experience the only weight loss programs that work are those that are customized to you.

LaRocca Fitness specializes in realistic weight loss that is attainable in the long run for clients. We know that getting the weight off is just as important as keeping it off. Our trainers, along with certified nutritional counselors, combine nutrition with dynamic workout programs that result in not only weight loss but body fat loss as well.

Our training programs combine high intensity cardio with functional strength training, which increases lean muscle mass and changes body composition. Not only do our clients lose weight, but they also lose body fat and gain strength at the same time. We track clients’ progress through a mixture of body scans, measurements, and physical assessments.

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