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Having a 1on1 Virtual personal trainer can offer many advantages, making fitness more accessible, flexible, and tailored to individual needs. Here are some benefits:

Flexibility and Convenience: Exercise from the comfort of your home or office space, eliminating the need to commute to a gym. Some clients prefer to take their virtual workouts with them in a gym, whether it’s a public or private space. Wherever you choose to train with us, your comfort is the most important and our skilled trainers can work with whatever equipment is available to you.

Access to Expertise: 1on1 Virtual personal trainers specialize in various areas of fitness, providing access to a broader range of expertise than what may be available to you locally. You can connect with our trainers from different geographical locations, giving you access to professionals who have specific knowledge relevant to your goals or preferences.

Cost-Effective: 1on1 Virtual personal training is typically more affordable than in-person sessions. There are no hidden sign-up fees or travel expenses for both the client and the trainer. Some 1on1 Online trainers offer subscription-based models, providing ongoing support at a lower cost than traditional personal training sessions.

Tailored Programs: 1on1 Virtual trainers will discuss your goals, fitness level and any limitations you may have to create an entirely customized workout program made just for you. If you desire, our nutrition coaches can also create a nutrition program to reach your goals and create personalized workout plans and nutritional guidance based on your specific goals, fitness level, and any limitations you may have. Regular communication with your very own personal trainer allows for adjustments and modifications to your program as needed.

Communication and Accountability: . Our trainers will hold sessions with you via Zoom video conferencing, ensuring proper technique that all the exercises are done correctly and efficiently. Regular check-ins help to maintain accountability, making it less likely that you skip workouts sessions or deviate from your fitness routine or nutrition plan.

Reach out to us and we can start with a FREE 10 minute consultation and a COMPLIMENTARY 25 minute live stream (ZOOM) training session.

For more information call (718) 702- 4540 or fill out our short form at 1on1 Virtual Training and schedule a free virtual training session.

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